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Miva Merchant: the best way to sell online

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Worth a thousand words...

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Tired of running with the pack?

Ready to take your business to the next level and separate yourself from everyone else? With Miva Merchant we can provide you with unlimited potiential and unprecidented power for your online business. Yet its so easy to use YOU control the day to day business of running your thriving online store.

What we do at Kaleidoscope Web Design is take your company branding and combine it with the most up-to-date web standards and practices to build a store that will not only get you sales, but also recognized as a leader among your competitors. No matter how small your business Miva Merchant and KDW3 can get you online quickly and affordably.

Why Miva Merchant...

Miva Merchant is one of the easiest to manage, fully customizable, fastest platforms for your online store. Built with Store Morph Technology™ you have complete control over your website. From picking your fonts, to full control over the layout on each page, your store can be designed to your businesses exact needs.

Miva Merchant Benefits

  • Advanced catalog, customer and order management systems.
  • No limits on the amount of store data.
  • Complete store design control with new Store Morph Technology™.
  • Integrated credit card processing and shipping calculation.
  • An expansive list of add-on modules and services.

Catalog Management

Miva Merchant allows you as many products as you need. Start with 5 products and end up with tens of thousands, there is no limit. The software was developed to allow you as many categories and sub-categories you need to organize your store. With their improved admin interface its easier than ever to add new products or removed discontinued ones yourself, removing the need for a designer completely.

Inventory Tracking

Miva Merchant is so powerful you can keep track of what you have on hand, be notified when you are out of stock, display custom messages or even hide products when you are out of stock. You can also upsell on the product pages or in the cart and have unlimited related products.

Order processing, Customer Management

Send customized emails to customers, yourself, your internet department, or even 3rd party drop shipping companies. Batch your orders when your ready to process or just process through your merchant gateway. Provide the latest security for your shoppers through the built in encryption.

Shipping Calculation and Payment Processing

FedEx and USPS shipping calculators in Miva Merchant retrieve real-time shipping rates based on weight and distance. Miva Merchant also provides a number of table-based shipping modules to help you offer a range of shipping options to your customers.

Miva Merchant has a wide variety of built-in payment modules, designed to work smoothly with industry leaders. These payment modules were designed in partnership with the Payment Gateway providers, to ensure security and ease-of-use. Just turn it on, enter your account information, and the payment module does the rest.

Data Access and Storage

Import your existing product, customer, and category data directly into Miva Merchant for faster setup of your online store.

Affiliate Programs and Marketing Services

Promote your online store with an affiliate program. The affiliate tracking system built into Miva Merchant enables you to create affiliate partners for your store, with individual commission levels based on order traffic, customers referred, or a combination of both.

These are just some of the many benefits that Miva Merchant can provide your online store. For a more comprehensive list click this link to check out the Miva Merchant Site.

Sometimes Miva Merchant just doesn't give you what you are looking for in services. We can add the modules you need that will best serve your customer base. Whether you need more statistics on how your store is doing, or an automatic look-up for customer login names we can quickly find, recommend, and install the modules you need.

Google Analytics

Ever hear that saying "If its FREE its for me?" Google analytics is a free service that gives you the most comprehensive data to contiunously help improve the performance of your site. You will have access to information that will help you determine what is or isn't working, drive business to your site, and improve your overall return on investment.

Google Adwords

Anyone who has opened an online store can tell you how important natural search is, and in absence of natural search Google Adwords gets you the traffic you need to make your store successful in the short run. We can help you get your account started, find the right keywords, and teach you how to tweak it to make your campaigns profitable.