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Worth a thousand words...

Of the 5 senses, sight is the one you can't live without when selling online. We can offer you photography services. Although we are not a replacement for true product or stock photography, we can provide you the images you need to get your site or products up and running quickly. All photography shown on this site was taken by our designers.


Don't want us to take the photos? Well, we are good at cleaning them up, too. Photoshop is a designer's best friend...

Mistral 3 soap wrap

Web Design

So you think YOU know good web site design?

You've surfed the web and you know what you like. Web sites that are easy to use, have a lot of information, are appealing to the eye, and you found them all using Google, right? Amazon's one-click checkout is awesome. One of those "flash" intros would be really cool too. Then there's that cool image thing that grays out the browser window so all you see is the product image.

Great web design is the art of combining the client's minds-eye vision with company branding, and making it useable for the World Wide Web. Kaleidoscope Web Design knows that to compete in today's business world you have to have a great internet presence and one that will stand out among the rest.

How do you find anything on this site?

Simplicity is key. Ever been on a site where you couldn't find what you were looking for? Or worse, have you ever clicked on a banner/Google ad and it takes you to the home page of a site where you have to search through long lists before you find what you were looking for?

One of our strengths here at Kaleidoscope Web Design is making sure that your information or products are organized and and easy to find. Customers will be able to come to the site and get what they are looking for quickly and with ease.

Cost is simple... or not.

We try not to be like your local used car dealer, but in fact we have many similarities. On the surface we charge $75 an hour, but as we begin to determine your real needs that cost comes down. Project work will lower the hourly rate, as well as monthly maintenance.

Hourly rates are hard to compare. A project that takes 6 hours at $50 per hour is $300. But the same project that takes 3 hours at $75 per hour is only $225. Experience and skill make higher hourly rates more affordable than lower rates for less-skilled people

So don't let that base price scare you off, there is always room for negotiation. Oh, and if you feel that our services are worth more... you can always add to the price we quote you.

Your designer didn't think about SEO...

Is something you won't hear from a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist hired to work on one of our sites. We build our web sites with SEO in mind. We don't claim to be professionals in the field, but we have enough knowledge to keep up with the latest techniques that gives you a great platform to build on. Clean code, search engine friendly URL's, bullets, important tags... all key to making sure you show up in organic search.